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  • 09:37:43 pm on June 14, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Stinky fans :-)

    I am taking a break from the story for tonight. I don’t have much left and just a few pictures to post. I do have some still on the camera that I am not sure if I want to use them or not. It is nearing time for Stinky to return ‘home’ (my house for now)and just how I am going to do that, I’m not sure. I think this heat and humidity has my brain in a fog!

    Kate ~ I don’t recall Stinky having the hat shop and a dragon as his first customer. I may not have been around at that time. I had no intention of having a dragon in the story until Saturday morning when I came upon a yard sale during my walk. I have always thought ‘Train Your Dragon’ was a cute movie and loved ‘Toothless’ the dragon. Tho the toy was small, he was so good looking and knew immediately he had to fit in somewhere! ~ Pretty brunette silkie! The colors in her dress match her very well!

    Queli ~ Main reason I kept that Tarzan doll was because of his hair. He has such a pointy face and the eyes are almost dizzying. Always thought I would try to repaint him, so kept him in the box. I think I will leave him as he is now :-) ~ I found the queen’s fashion a number of years ago at Tuesday Morning. In fact, they had a good number of beautiful fashions at that time and I bought most of them. Already had in mind I was going to start a group of dolls that would be known as ‘the Castle Dwellers’. Well, they became ‘box dwellers’ instead until Stinky came to visit :-) ~~ I don’t care for the blind box stuff either. Don’t know what you are getting and as Kate says, you get what you didn’t want and in repeats. ~~ Nice minis! Love the camera and chatter phone! Kelly is just perfect with it! Isn’t she sweet? Look at her dress! Darling picture!

    Jackie ~ You must be tired. And I do have cows pretty near to my house. Lovely green, rolling hills pasture directly across the road. The rancher has a good sized herd of black angus. Not only that, there are a couple of ponds where a large flock of Canadian geese stay. They do fly over our house in the vee formations, honking all the way. Love it! I was raised on a farm, so the pasture, cattle, and geese are just a little ‘country’ bonus :-) ~~ Thinking of you and your sister.


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