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A list of Smilies for the Chat         

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    Hello there…

    Kate…I hear ya…I don’t like blind box because I like to know what
    I’m getting too but they have become super popular, they’re everywhere!
    …the gummy candies were very tasty :-) …your silkie looks very
    relaxed and very fashionable.

    Jackie…take care and give my regards to your sister.

    Shirls…you keep writing, I’ll keep reading!…wow, the King and Queen
    look fabulous! I’ve never seen that male doll look so good! Love that
    breast plate! The Queen’s fashion is really beautiful, love the colors,
    style, stole and all the gold chains. Great little twist there at the end.
    The dragon got a great entrance, nice touch. Well, much to Stinky’s
    credit, he’s being the prefect guest! As they say, discretion is the
    better part of valor :-)

    Got some minis from amazon. I’m posting a link to the Super Impluse
    website so you can see more of the toys they have to offer. Lots of
    them work well for 16″ dolls and Riley Kish. The Barbie and GI Joe are
    3″H. The Fisher Price chatter phone is about 1.5″ from back to front
    and the FP school bus is just over 3.5″L. I have seen the dolls at TRU
    and have posted photos.

    When you push the red button the film comes out.

    The phone clicks are you move it and the eyes move, subtly, but they

    This bus is darling. The door opens, the Stop sign on the driver’s side
    swivels, the driver moves to and fro and the bus clicks as you move it.
    I’m always amazed that something so small can have so much going on.

    17″ Maddie Hatter with her Rubik’s cube.


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