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  • 01:38:12 pm on June 14, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    Shirls – I bought two HF dolls – one is still in her box and the other one I de-boxed and sold the pieces on Ebay. I will eventually take the other gal out of her box. Someone on one of the FB doll boards washed the stiffness out the brunette wig and it looks great on the HF doll – her blonde hair is entirely covered. I think she is like the repro Julia – not a lot of hair but that makes it easy for her to wear wigs. Brave Stinky! He has faced dragons before (I had a photo story about Stinky running a hat shop and the first customer was a dragon – those were some of the photos that got deleted with no back up when I got a new computer about 5 years ago). I love the sort of scary King & Queen! What a cool key crown! Such wonderful details!

    I’m not sure how the braid-with-barrette attaches to the HF Barbie’s head – it has a fairly bulky plastic barrette that doesn’t clip as easily as the vintage ones that were made of metal.

    Queli – I don’t like blind box items either – I always end up with four of the same item and it usually isn’t the one I wanted to begin with! A lot of times you can find them on Ebay already out of the box so you know what you are getting. Those gummy candies look pretty tasty!

    Hi Jackie! Glad you are peeking in!

    Xxoo Kate


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