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  • 10:05:58 pm on June 13, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello Girls!

    Another hot and humid day as yesterday. But, I think my DH was out in it too long and may have some heat exhaustion/dehydration going on. Been keeping an eye on him..

    Jackie ~ Such a difficult time for you all. I’m keeping you in my thoughts. I just hope he can go peacefully and comfortably.

    Queli ~ LOL! I probably could keep it going until the cows came home as there is always a possibility of something else happening or a turn of events. In the last picture today, I included something I had found at a yard sale the morning of the day I was doing this segment of the story. Endings are tough for an imagination that wants to keep creating :-) This has been so much fun and good for the brain, ha!

    You know, I saw the LOL dolls at Walmart at least a week ago. Had no clue what they were but it seemed they were selling pretty good! ~~ I have to laugh, because whenever there has been a Barbie cereal or candy I have to buy it! The cereals are usually high in sugar because they are for kids. Kinda bad that children’s cereals are so loaded with it. ~~ I like Myrna Loy! She is another tall I have seen here. She’s not bad :-) And LOL at Myrna Loy! My mother used to mention her sometimes. ~~ And thanks for always posting what’s new! :-)

    Kate ~ Ha! Yep, Stinky’s hair went flat! Reminds me of the Cardinal birds and their crowns. Sometimes when the male and female meet each other, they will flatten their crowns. So cute. ~~ I was wondering when you were going to take HF out and play. Mine is still in the box. Finally got her a place on the shelf. I will take her out eventually and work with the hair pieces. I was wondering if the marlo flip wig would cover her rooted hair. As you say though, if loosened the hair up a bit, it would probably fit better. I just may use it on another mod Barbie head I have that has had a ‘shave’ by some little girl long ago :-) I saw a picture somewhere of the braided piece with pink ribbon and how it had been attached to the doll and it looked very nice….thing of it is, I don’t remember HOW they did it! Did you keep the box or any of the graphics?


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