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  • 04:19:51 pm on June 13, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…thanks, and yes, I love that sweater girl. The articulated curvy
    looks really good…thanks for sharing photos of HF. I really like her
    and her original hair style. I think all her wigs are so cute.

    Jackie…sending you and your sister good vibes during this difficult

    Shirls…well, I agree, I find that sweater girl irresistible too…you
    missed out on the Mexico DOTW?! Bummer, at least I got one. I was
    shocked when she sold out in 2, count them, 2 weeks!…I understand
    that you want to see Lani IRL before buying her…Mattel has been
    cranking out fabulous fashion after fabulous fashion and I’ve bought
    lots of them :-) …yeah, the one-size-fits-all sounds great in theory
    but those dolls are significantly different in shape, and I agree, I think
    Original and Tall look great!…Mattel did a wonderful job with the
    collector WW dolls. They’re all fab…as far as I’m concerned, you can
    keep on writing the Adventures of Stinky and the Gang till the cows
    come home…what an imagination!…that little carriage is just too cute
    and the kids all look like they’re having fun with their guest while the
    horse acts as chaperone…it was a good thing Stinky kept his wits
    about him during his audience with the royal family, and how could he
    not be impressed with Cinderella. After all she is the fairest in the
    land :-) I love that everyone is dressed to kill!

    Sari…what a pleasant surprise…waving!

    I went to Target looking for the L.O.L. Surprise dolls by MGA
    Entertainment but didn’t find them. I think it’s a really fun concept but
    I only want 2-3 of them (I don’t like blind box items). Kate is very
    familiar with this concept because she has wrapped toys in crepe
    paper and all you have to do is unwrap and unwrap till you find them
    all. That’s exactly what this is and the dolls are adorable. Here’s a link
    to the promo:

    What Target DID have was Barbie gummy candy. The graphics on the
    box, as always, are great. So if you want a treat, buy some. They’re
    by Kellogg’s.

    This is what they look like.

    The candy comes in these little pouches.

    Myrna Loy is taking a leisurely walk on a beautiful sunny day.


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