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  • 09:53:52 pm on June 12, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!
    It is a hot one today!! 91* with 70% humidity! Best to just stay indoors when it is like this. A few Japanese beetles are flying around as they seem to come out in heat. We have not had too many of them the last few years, but I have a feeling there will be more since we had such a warm winter. They are pretty destructive to vegetation.

    Queli ~ Oh I like the sweater dress Barbie! Nice! I just may have to have her too! I’m so weak willed….haha! ~~ Nice Dr. Graham display! Perfect size human torso and I like her heart-shaped stethoscope! :-) I would see her in a heartbeat. ~~ How can I forget Mexico DOTW? I wanted her, but acted too late. ~~ Thank you for the links! I have either missed Lani or she’s slow coming to TN. I would prefer to be able to see her first-hand because there can be little differences in the dolls where some look better than others. ~~ More fashions! Barbie has the closet that is out of this world, ha! The one size fits all is a neat idea, tho I like it on original and Lani the best, it does look good on all of them. ~~ WW is so cool…she’s another on the ‘want’ list. Love the mini me! The movie sounds good too. I like some of the other WW dolls too, like her mother? Wow. ~~ Queli I am so glad you are enjoying Stinky’s adventure and thank you! It has been a lot of fun doing this. I hope I haven’t stretched it out too long to where it becomes repetitious.

    Kate ~ Amazing the whole country is in a heat wave; all the way up to where you are! Where would one have to live these to escape this heat and humidity? Cooler states are no longer that way. ~~ Vina looks pretty good in Solo!! The more I see her, the more I like her! Oh no! ~~ I was in HL about a week ago and saw they had fall decor out already! Keeps getting earlier and earlier it seems. ~~ I’m glad you are enjoying your Stinky’s adventure. Thank you! At first, it did seem to follow the Hobbit tale.(one of my favorites; books and movies). I AM having a blast with Stinky!! Could really do some comedy with him, ha!

    Jackie ~ Thinking of you & family and sorry this time has time. I truly hope a prevention or treatment for Alzheimers is coming soon. I’m very supportive of research in this. Hospice is good, helpful; and so supportive. A hug for you, Jackie.

    Sari ~ Good to see you again and glad you peeked in :-)


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