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    Hello there…

    Kate…thanks, and yes, the movie was super!…Vina in Solo in the

    Jackie…my thoughts are with you and your sister.

    Two new dolls have been posted on the BFC. I want them both!

    Body Type: Articulated
    Facial sculpt: Karl Lagerfeld
    Fashion Sewn On: No
    Fashion: Sweater dress
    Accessories: Coffee cup, cell phone, pencil, journal, sunglasses, and purse

    Body Type: Curvy articulated
    Facial sculpt: Carnaval
    Fashion Sewn On: No
    Fashion: Aqua-gold metallic brocade dress
    Accessories: Golden hoop earrings, a golden ring, clutch, makeup and cell phone

    From the archives…

    Dr. Nikki Graham, world renowned surgeon/cardiologist/professor,
    British subject, lives in London.

    Remember this Doll of the World? She was released May 5, 2014 and
    sold out May 19, 2014. I was going to buy one a month for 5 months
    so I could put together a Mariachi band but my plans were foiled by
    her unexpected popularity. DOTW usually sell out in 2-3 years. I’m
    happy that I at least got one.


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