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  • 11:32:10 am on June 12, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Boiling hot here – high 80s and very humid – summer is off and running! Glad I installed the air conditioners. Today I am a little headachey and have been drinking Gatorade and the like to keep hydrated.

    Jackie – Sending you lots of good vibes – to you and your family – this is a difficult time and I’m glad you have hospice – they were really helpful with Hilda’s mother this past spring. Madame Butterfly has such lovely music – glad it was a good performance!

    Queli – Hobby Lobby is already getting ready for autumn? Wow – guess it is never too early to start planning for the holidays – I love Halloween, Christmas and Easter decorations and it is always good to get them on sale! I like that the new fashions can (more or less) fit all the dolls – much easier that way and they all look good in them. I like that stretchy pink/silver number – all of them look great (even if we don’t see the back view!). Love the WW mini-me! I heard the movie was really great – might have to go!

    Shirls – Love that Stinky decided not to have his fortune told! Glad there wasn’t any trouble!! And of course he loves to check out any vendors to see their wares! He fits perfectly in the carriage – what a great story this is! All the details are so cool – I keep going back to look at the photos. Love the mirror shots – that one does look like it is floating! Love, love the dining room set – I do see the tiny keys! And what a strange meal Stinky is having – he probably loved it! Stinky seems very chuffed to meet the royal prince and princess! I’m so glad you are having fun with him! ☺

    Waving to Ann if you are peeking in! (I have recently learned that several people from other doll boards look in here to check out the photos!)

    Xxoo Kate


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