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  • 02:07:36 pm on June 11, 2017 | # | 0

    Happy Sunday…


    Shirls…thanks!, yeah, I really like that School Pack fashion set…I
    know! Lani looks great! Have you tried finding her on
    Here’s a link:

    Link to

    And the saga of Stinky and gang just keeps getting better and better.
    So glad they finally made it to the castle safe and sound even though
    it was a little late in the day. The princess and prince look just like
    royalty always do: amazing! I love the white lace collar on the
    princess’ dress and it’s good to know that they’re humanitarians and
    don’t take the peasants for granted. Four is ever the diplomat
    smoothing things over for Stinky. The carpets look wonderful. Love
    the print on the blue one but they’re both lovely. And look at that
    spread! They certainly deserve a good meal after their long journey.
    Leave it to Stinky to ask for something off the menu.  The fair
    maiden is certainly that. She’s beautiful. Love everything about her
    and the hand mirror is perfect. Poor Four, after sleeping rough for so
    many days, now he has to sleep on the floor! That bedding is lovely.
    Thanks for taking so much care setting up the scenes.

    Wonder Woman has a mini me :-) If you haven’t seen the movie, GO!
    It’s fabulous!

    Found some fashions at Target that are one-size-fits-all and that is
    almost true.

    This is the one I bought. I like the print on the fabric because no two
    dresses are the same.

    So here it is on Original/Petite/Curvy/Tall. It fits them all but does not close in the back on Curvy.


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