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  • 09:34:39 pm on June 10, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls! Holy Crow! where is everyone? This is Saturday and nobody around? I meant to get in here last night, but had puter problems.

    Jackie ~ Oh, OK, I see you are out of town visiting with your sister. I hope you have a great visit and a good time; hoping all things are well. This adventure of Stinky’s has become the all time consumer, ha! But, I am finished! Got done last night and just have pictures to post. ~~ I always like the beach cabin backdrop and love the little old fashioned metal chair!

    Queli ~ Hey girl! New fashions! Love the blue pleated skirt! Both girls look great in the gold jacket and red plaid pants, but I think Lani is hot! I wish I could find her! We must be the last place on earth to get these dolls. I remember how long it took for the MTM peach! ~~ I’m so glad you are enjoying Stinky’s adventure! Paying attention to detail as I know you do! ;-)


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