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  • 07:45:02 pm on June 9, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…it’s Friday…glorious Friday :-)

    Jackie…I’m always ready for Christmas but I’m definitely not ready for
    Halloween!…nice nautical scene…happy trails :-)

    Shirls…I’m loving all the details in the Continuing Adventures of
    Stinky and the Gang i.e. the little family of geese, the jingle bells
    around the horse’s head, the jewelry box and the little sprite on the
    tapestry. Stinky’s carriage is just adorable. I can understand why Four
    has a twitchy finger after all that traveling through dangerous country
    and being sleep deprived, poor guy. This story just keeps getting better
    and better!

    My girls got some new fashions. I really like this set.

    Petite 10.75″

    It also fits Skipper 10.5″

    Wow! What a difference a doll makes. You must admit that Lani is
    rocking this fashion!


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