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  • 11:29:14 am on June 8, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    I will post HF de-boxing photos as soon as I put them on Flickr (too sleepy today so I will just post some photos that I already uploaded!).

    Queli – That doll store is so amazing! I did find Lana in that one photo – after about two minutes of scanning it! I like that one doll (Himstet I think) who has the grey/pink scarf/hat – very European looking. That is a great idea about the plastic on the hands – the tiny fingers tend to snag so much!

    Jackie – My father and I were gone most of yesterday (we went to a neighboring town with a friend) – when we returned, William followed us around the house crying and crying and crying. Finally when my father sat down on the sofa, William climbed all over him, rubbing and rubbing. He was not happy we were gone all day (and it was really only about 5 hours)!

    Shirls – Getting to Tanglewood is almost like going through Mirkwood in The Hobbit – sort of cool, sort of scary – I think they are going to have a great adventure! Hope they don’t meet up with Grimrucks or Trolls! Lol that he has picked up souvenirs! He came home with some money and a bow tie that last time he was at Jackie’s!

    Xxoo Kate
    Nesting dolls on their shelves…

    Such a good boy – he didn’t knock over anything!


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