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  • 05:18:00 pm on June 6, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Shirls…thanks :-)   …Stinky looks fab in a tux…I didn’t know Queen
    Anne’s lace was a weed. I think it’s very pretty…6 inches of rain?!
    That’s a lot of rain!

    Kate…thanks! Love going to the doll store, and no, there were no
    nesting doll otherwise I would have posted photos for you…You got
    HF?! Can’t wait to see photos!…oo, your silkie with her tsum tsums…
    how cute!…you can turn Queen Anne’s lace into hats? How do you do
    that? …here’s a photo of Vina with her plastic gloves. I put them on
    all my dolls when I redress them. They are the tips of sandwich bags.

    Where’s Lani?


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