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  • 09:21:07 pm on June 5, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!
    Did we ever get a lot of rain yesterday and particularly last night! We had 5.80 in our rain gauge this morning. Glad I got the drainage ditch cleared…..there was no standing water in anyone’s yard or the ditch for that matter!

    Stinky is getting pretty antsy waiting on word from the King of Tanglewood. Of course, it is only Monday…..maybe tomorrow. As soon as Queen Elinore receives the word, Stinky will depart on his 3 day journey to Tanglewood.

    Queli ~ Really enjoying doll kingdom!! Barbie’s rose & lace wedding dress is beautiful! ~~

    Jackie ~ Glad to see you back! Yes, it will take some time to ‘digest’, but isn’t it amazing how fast you can pick up after all those years like it was no time at all. A little scary in it’s own way. ~~ Enjoying the bride photos. Love the little princess kitties box set. ~~ B Canary’s outfit is sewn on and not sure I’m going to take it apart, so the black hose are going to stay on and hope for the best.

    Kate ~ Vina looks great in the silver mesh dress! I’m liking her more each time I see her. ~~ I’m glad you are enjoying Stinky’s adventures and I am thankful you sent him here. I have not played or planned ‘stories’ like this in a great while and it has done wonders :-) I’m glad you have allowed him to be here awhile because several days go by before I have the chance to ‘play’ again.

    Marigene ~ Happy to hear you are enjoying life and sweet new member to your family! ~~ I like Legolas’ shirt too! Nice pictures with the scenery for backdrop!


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