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  • 09:32:40 am on June 5, 2017 | # | 0

     photo boxed brides 003_zpslrsr17xe.jpg

    Good Morning.
    I got home yesterday afternoon…. whew! whirlwind trip.

    I didn’t take many photos because they will provide us with a DVD
    of the class reunion.

    What a hoot that was. I found myself sitting on the front row…. because 50 years later I am still one of the shortest!…
    for a photo of the classmates I started in Kindergarten with
    and followed through until we graduated high school. We usually
    had about 25 of us, I will need to see the photo to count how many were in it. But I knew them all and they knew me. Good thing we had on name tags though…. 50 years can alter a person’s looks!
    We had name badges with our senior year photo…. .like being
    resurrected from the dead!

    It was really fun to spend a little time with friends I have known all my life. We decided to have another reunion in 5 years. Lots of us
    are not in great shape!

     photo boxed brides 001_zpsyrq5yc3s.jpg

    Hi Marigene… so nice to see the sweet baby.

    I know you are having a wonderful time. Makes me happy to
    see you enjoying life.

    Hi Kate… love to see Stinky making himself so many new friends.

    Hi Queli… what a great doll store. Was that Gigi’s Dolls??

    Hi Shirls…love black Canary.
    I have a doll who wore black fishnet stockings and the dye
    is permanently on her legs. You must decide whether to take them off occasionally, or have them on full time.

    Hi Fiona
     photo boxed brides 009_zpsbwd42eue.jpg

    June… the month for weddings!

    I had such a great time, my senses are on overload.

    50 years in a couple of hours will take a while to digest.

    There were lots of people I don’t really know there, but
    some of my best forever friends were there. And I hadn’t seen
    many of them in 25 years when we had our only other reunion.
    And many I hadn’t seen in 50 years.

    Funny how you can catch up in just a few minutes as if no time
    has elapsed!

     photo boxed brides 006_zpsc2otjudc.jpg

    I have this week at home and then I will going to see my other sister
    for more fun.

    Have a great day.



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