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  • 07:47:53 pm on June 4, 2017 | # | 0

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    Marigene…hey there, good seeing you :-) …thanks for sharing photos
    of the beautiful baby and those gorgeous dolls!

    Shirls…thanks, Lani and I had a great time at the store :-) …BC looks
    fierce and I know she and Stinky got along like a house on fire!…I’m
    sure he ate everything in his fairy bowl as a courtesy but a little
    protein wouldn’t have hurt! Love the leaf they’re in…he’s met a whole
    bunch of different people on his adventures and he had an audience
    with the Queen! Just goes to show that he can handle himself in any
    environment. So now he’s going to Tanglewood? What a lucky little troll!



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