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  • 09:50:24 pm on June 2, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!

    I thought I was going to be able to get started on Stinky’s next adventure today. I want to get going with the pictures :-) & Stinky wants to begin his adventure as he needs to stay busy. He gets bored easily even though he is enjoying his stay and playing with the little ones right now. The cake he snuck up to his bunk is all gone…not one crumb remains! So…will try for tomorrow and hope nothing else pops up.

    Queli ~ I like your new girl! She has the appearance of someone you could know.(like my neighbors’ son’s wife) I love her dress! It has the ‘vintage bubble-cut Barbie dress look’. ~~ Of the generation mini sets, my faves are the typewriter and princess phone. They would be neat to have even if didn’t have a doll to fit them! It may sound crazy, but I miss the dial phones. Whenever I see one, I have to ‘dial’ it :-) ~~ LOL at the tough bunch. The dress on Brenda Starr is from a plush Barbie. Too big for standard Barbie and barely fits Brenda.

    Kate ~ Interesting to get the background on Stinky. Now we know why he’s always smiling :-) When I burn pictures to a disc, I like to have a good number and right now Black Canary is the only new picture I have on my camera. Hoping to get new pics of Stinky tomorrow. ~~ I like Kalinka Malinka! Each one has it’s own color and pattern. The watches are pretty cool! I like Sindy’s flat shoes. She’s a cute doll. Barbie’s side-eye was a big influence on other doll companies back then.

    Jackie ~ Glad you made it and hope everything goes smoothy from now on. Now, go have some fun :-)


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