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A list of Smilies for the Chat         

  • 11:15:13 am on June 2, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I love all those retro sets! Are they really too big for Barbie? If they go with Gooliope, then they must be. I love the typewriter and the blue telephone. I always liked using a typewriter – that is considered “old school” now!

    Shirls – Stinky in the books/comic books and TV show is a bit of a rogue – at one point he puts glue in Moomintroll’s bathing suit and is usually the first one that the police suspect. He is not as good looking as our friend! His original name is actually “Haisuli”! Can’t wait to see more of Black Canary!

    Jackie – Have a great trip! That Gray Lady Gene is wonderful – she could have a lot of black/white/gray outfits. Love that shot of Jacob with the hula dancers!

    Xxoo Kate
    Sindy with the Kalinka Malinka Swatch Nesting set.


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