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  • 11:08:50 am on June 1, 2017 | # | 0

     photo GAW2017 069_zpsom8id4a5.jpg

    Good Morning…

    Hi Shirls….glad you found out who the little ones are.
    I have seen Black Canary, but not for a long time so I
    don’t remember what she looks like.

    Stinky has a lot of heroes to spend time with.
    will he learn some super hero tricks? to fly?
    to leap tall buildings with a single bound?

     photo GAW2017 066_zpstbkx8y1y.jpg

    Mackinac Island…. I leave for Michigan tomorrow. I won’t get up to Lake Michigan, but I will next trip.

    Hi Queli…you my size doll looks great in both pairs of glasses.
    She can change them with her outfit!

     photo DCGene2010267.jpg

    Gray Lady Gene…. feeling like a gray haired old lady….going to my 50th class reunion. Best part is…… everyone else will be the same age as me!!

    Hi Kate…. wow! your niece is quite accomplished as a musician.
    I am sure the recital will be wonderful. I love to listen to music.

    I get to go to the symphony when I am in St. Louis with my sister.
    It is a terrific experience. She has season tickets so she gets to go
    all the time.

    Hi Marigene

    Hi Fiona
     photo hulagirls006.jpg

    I will be back next Monday… see you soon.



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