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  • 09:40:40 pm on May 31, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls! Yes! fellow Barbie lovers and lovers of dolls & doll stuff! Haha!

    Looks like we all went on a search of these little ones. I did some last night and discovered who they are. Thanks for the links Queli! The little brunette in the yellow and blue jacket; ‘Vacation….’….I happen to notice the camera she has…..I have the camera that came in another lot of doll stuff. I thought it belonged to Ken….I wonder now who the camera really belongs to. Asking some hefty prices…I don’t think they are worth near that much unless they would still be in their bubble package.

    Very nice day today! It may have been in the mid- eighties, but the air was dry so was good to be out in it. A couple of hours this morning trimming the spirea and finding where all the chipmunk offspring have made new ‘digs’. I may have to do something about them. This afternoon washed windows, cleaned the deck and brushed the pets. This evening finished weeding my stone path. Great day!

    Queli ~ Oh I like the glasses for your my size! They are perfect! So true about having different size dolls, what doesn’t fit one will fit another and enables us to keep all the doll ‘stuff’ we find :-) ~~ Glad you liked the doll scene….the undies made it!! ~ Thanks again.

    Kate ~ LOL, you went a searching too :-) Thanks! ~~ Black Canary is a DC comic & that’s all I am going to say. I will look through my pictures and see if I have her in any of them. ~~ Nice loot from Barnes and Noble. Learn something new every day, although I did get a mini American Girl doll there years ago. She was part of a book promotion if I recall rightly. We lost our B&N :-( Have another one coming soon and will be part of the local university’s book store, so it will be smaller. ~~ I had to do a bit of info searching on Stinky last night starting with ebay. I found a frosted or etched glass ‘plate’ of Stinky(didn’t really look that close). From what I heard there is Stinky was a rather bad troll….he tried to influence people to do bad things! LOL. That just can’t be true hahaha!!

    Jackie ~ June already!!? Seems I just posted bride dolls. ~~ Love the Midge! ~ I like the old tyme looking Genes in their white gowns…lovely! USO Gene is pretty neat too.
    Maybe Marigene is busy with her new grand baby?


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