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  • 07:43:44 am on May 31, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning…
    I am glad that our group is still active, although growing smaller it seems. I hope Marigene has just been busy.

     photo DCGene2010094.jpg

    I was with my sisters at the National Cathedral in D.C. when I took this photo. We were just looking around as this bride came out to take some photos. Just as I took my photo, the air caught her dress.

    June and all the weddings start tomorrow.

     photo newchipforGene003.jpg

    Hi Shirls… Stinky has found some cute playmates. I have never seen them before.

     photo DCGene2010145.jpg

    Hi Kate… such a lucious photo of Barbie and the flowers!

    what type of music does your niece do? singing? play an instrument?
    music camp sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy watching her.

    I loved that lobster print when I spotted it at the convention.

     photo DCGene2010205.jpg

    Hi Queli… Wonder woman is really cool. I know you will love her.

    Not sure about the tiny Barbies. I would have to pass on them.

    Hi Fiona

    Hi Marigene
     photo IMG_2139.jpg

    USO Gene…. farewell to Memorial Day…. let Summer begin.

    Have a great day… the week is half over already.



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