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  • 09:36:48 pm on May 30, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!

    Did a de-boxing of Black Canary today and of course Stinky had to meet her! Picture later.

    Queli ~ I like the cloak on WW too. I am glad we still have a BFC and am curious how they will do the club membership, etc. ~ One of these days I need to round up all the mini-Barbies I have…they have been scattered all over :-( ……the dolls play with them and don’t put them back! ;-) haha!!

    Kate ~ Such a pretty photo of the Barbie and peonies!! Nice! ~ Bet you will enjoy having your niece with you. Does she like Barbies too?
    Hair Fair will be a fun doll to get in the mail. I don’t de-box right away, but I know I will turn her loose sooner than usual….Stinky wants to try on those hair pieces!!

    Jackie ~ Stinky is just a well rounded little troll and loved by everyone :-) Nice Memorial day photos….always have liked the Target red and white Basics. ~~ I need to get in gear and have our AC unit check-up done. We have gone through 2 coils on this one already! Not cheap! ~~ Hope your hubby is feeling better!


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