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  • 08:35:48 pm on May 30, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Kate…thanks :-) …I’m glad the BFC is going to continue too. My
    favorite part has always been the photo forum. I hope that continues
    too…oh yeah, the MH shoes have always been TDF! The designers
    have such a wonderful imagination!…your silkie looks lovely next to
    those white flowers.

    Jackie…thanks!…sorry your hubby is under the weather. Tell him I’m
    sending him good vibes…hope you get your AC fixed soon before it
    gets super hot…I really enjoyed your patriotic photos.

    Shirls…thanks!…can’t wait to see photos of your Hair Fair Barbie!
    She’s a looker…And you know Stinky’s going to want to wear the
    wigs. He loves stuff like that :-) …aawww, look at Stinky’s bunk, so
    cute! I don’t recognize the dolls. Are they as tall as the Kelly dolls?
    Somehow Stinky is always on wheels. Now he’s on a skateboard and
    loving it :-)

    TRU has this new Wonder Woman. LOVE the cloak!

    Also saw these 3″ Barbies

    Pilot suitcase

    If I had room for this I’d buy it.


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