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  • 08:55:16 pm on May 29, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Queli and Jackie and Kate!

    Hoping everyone has had a nice Memorial Day week-end. We didn’t do anything but put the flag out and take an at-home vacation. The flag is always beautiful hanging out there. I like it when there is just a gentle breeze and can watch it unfurl. The whole neighborhood has been quiet including the 3 dogs :-)

    We had a nasty storm Saturday night. Wind blew very hard and was scary watching a couple of our big trees being tossed about. A little hail, about an inch of rain, and lots of lightening and thunder.

    Queli ~ I like Olivia’s Memorial Day photos! She is such a pretty doll. Looks like she enjoyed herself at Hobby Lobby, ha! Mine is still dressed as she came too. ~~ Arlington is something to behold; everything is dress right dress. Oh, I like Booterpe!! Now Gooliope has a companion. ~~ I am curious to see what BFC’s new membership program is going to be all about. Now on the subject; Hair Fair should be shipping end of the week!! Suppose Stinky will want to try on some hair pieces? :-) ~~ I have seen Denim and Dazzle…I think she is a nice looking doll. I seem to like the tall girls or the curvy girls. Love the pup t-shirt with the skirt! Reminds me of the kitten with glasses shirt I have for mystery girl. That was a Sparkle girlz fashion.

    Jackie ~ Fun fashions on your dolls and always like your beach house backdrop. I see Barbie and Ken have their flag out too. Such a pretty white dress on the middle Barbie. ~ What an awesome bridge! I hope you have fun at your 50 yr reunion. It should be interesting too.

    Kate ~ Hope you have been having a good week-end in spite of your weather forecast! Keeping my fingers crossed for your doll club to keep going.

    Stinky has been relaxing which is a good thing considering his next adventure.(He doesn’t know the extent of this one) I have actually needed to make a story outline, dig out some dolls that have been cooped up for some time and do some prepping/planning. I definitely need all the ducks in a row before I begin the photo shoots which should take place towards the end of next week when I will be free to do so. Also, when Stinky visited Gabby’s salon? Well, he did actually have a little spa time. Darkened some areas on him and since it was getting so warm and humid in the house, some of the glue on his left side was getting rather tacky and really showing, so I very carefully removed as much of it as I could. No hair loss, thank goodness! :-)

    Waving to Marigene and Fiona……missing Marie!!


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