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  • 03:17:04 pm on May 27, 2017 | # | 0

    Happy Saturday… and Memorial Day weekend.

    Hi Queli… great news from the BFC. I wonder what happened that they
    had to regroupl Glad that it is coming back.

    I love the shirt with the doggy wearing glasses! Looks good on her.

    Hi Kate… sorry to hear about your club’s leader moving away.
    I wonder if you will find someone to take over. Not an easy thing
    to find.

    I agree the new version of Dirty Dancing did not live up to the original. The rarely do. I liked the guy a lot, but the girl… not so much.

    Debra Messing was the only person I knew. I know they are reviving
    her old show for a few episodes. It should be fun.
     photo GAW2017 077_zps0o63pgny.jpg

    I will be heading back to Michigan for my 50th class reunion June 2.
    I haven’t seen most of those “kids” for 25 years. And some for 50 years. It should be interesting.

    I won’t spend much time there because hubby is coming along
    and he doesn’t love it up there the way I do. And my sisters
    won’t be coming to the reunion so I won’t see them much either.

    One is not coming at all. the other has to work.

    But I will see her the following week.

    Lovely day here… a little hot, but nice for picnics.
    Hubby and I had to get a new t.v. Last power outage
    killed the one we had. So much for “smart t.v.s”!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone.



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