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  • 04:55:14 pm on May 26, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello ladies…Happy Memorial Day weekend.

    Kate…thanks!… I truly hope your doll club continues. I’ll keep my
    fingers crossed for you…Yes, that is Barbie’s mantle with the little
    English village :-) …wow, that is a wonderful fashion your Barbie is
    wearing…great job as always!

    Jackie…thanks for sharing your summer photos. Love to see your
    dolls outdoors…Gene’s fashion is TDF!

    Shirls…observing hummingbirds is so much fun. They are cute and
    quick!…I can understand why Stinky is still resting. He had a huge
    adventure!…thanks :-) I wanted another Effie to redress but there are
    so many other Barbies I want, and yes, a second fashion would have
    been wonderful.

    Saw a new TALL “Denim and Dazzle” fashionista at Target. I really like
    her. She’s got Myrna Loy’s nose.

    My girls got new fashions.


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