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  • 04:16:40 pm on May 26, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    Jackie – It has been pouring rain all day here (Friday) – we are supposed to have some sunshine for Saturday and Sunday and then back to rain on Monday – I hope it won’t be too bad for people trying to be outside! Cool shark photos but also sort of scary at the same time! Can’t believe they are going to do a sequel to Top Gun – I wonder who is going to be in it? I watched the re-make of Dirty Dancing that was on TV this past Wednesday evening – it was pretty good but I didn’t know any of the actors at all!

    Queli – Your show-n-tell dolls are all so fabulous! The woman who heads our doll meetings is going to move to a town 3 hours away so we are all hoping the meetings will still continue! I think Stinky’s song is perfect for him (at least he seems to think so!). ;) I like that Effie Trinket photo – I bought some of that dotted fabric, too – made quite a few dolls outfits from it! I was looking at your photo of the Hallmark Old English village – I thought it was on your full size mantle but is it Barbie size?? I can’t tell at all!!

    Shirls – Love the photo of Stinky in the Hawaiian hammock! He knows how to take it easy! I have heard of the Hawaiian Barbie’s heads getting darker – yours doesn’t look that bad. I wonder why some dolls age like that and others don’t – must be some chemical reaction. I also love that Stinky went down to TJ for some Mexican food – hope he doesn’t get a cheap tattoo as well – lol! Glad your pup is doing better!

    Xxoo Kate


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