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  • 09:01:03 pm on May 25, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!
    Another nice day! No having to use the AC and can have the windows open. So lovely outside this evening. Saw the first hummingbird day before yesterday but, forgot to put the feeder out. Saw a pair today and got the feeder up. They came back and now are competing for it. Little buggers.

    Stinky is still resting in the hammock. He is plum wore out after the jam-packed week he had! Another adventure is in the planning phase. Will keep you posted.

    Queli ~ I think the ‘sewing’ Barbie is pretty nifty. Mine is packed away. Will have to dig her out one of these days. ~ The tiny Christmas village is so cool on Barbie’s mantle along with all the little stockings. ~~ I really liked Effie. She had a lot of neat outfits on the movie. I think she could have had an extra in her box, don’t you? I put her on a model muse body…of course the dress isn’t made for the body type, but it works. ~~ Love the tiny bike and Barbie. Big Barbie looks so athletic and ready to ride.

    Jackie ~ I have always liked the Teresa head mold. She is celebrating the nice weather too! Love the hat. ~ I like the Kenvention set too. Nice bed. That Ken needs to get his shoes off, ha! ~ The chef outfit is super neat! Like the white and checkerboard pattern. Stinky isn’t going to be doing much….just like me :-) Fur baby is doing OK. We adopted her a year and half ago. She had a few problems due to neglect of her previous owners. We changed vets and seem to be making good progress now. She has come a long way emotionally and physically. ~~ The water in your shark pictures looks so pretty and blue~

    Hope everyone has a nice week-end. The neighbors’ company just arrived bringing along 3 good sized dogs. One almost looks great-dane-mastiff mix. 2 of them have already been in a fight :-(


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