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  • 10:47:09 pm on May 23, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,

    Took our ‘pup’ for her follow-up at the vet. Her ears are much better and so are her skin allergies. When spring arrives, so does her skin allergies. She has had chronic ear infection since we adopted her. The first vet was more interested in performing what I thought was a radical surgery to allow the ear to drain and THEN treat the infection. Their ear canal is very deep, so hopefully the infection doesn’t return.

    Queli ~ Thank you! Ha ha! I think you chose the right song for Stinky! What a hoot he has been for sure! ~~ What fun it is to load up some dolls and visit other doll fans. I do get to do this when I head back home and visit a girl friend who enjoys Barbie and FR. A day spent there goes by way to fast. ~~ I like the pink night gowns, especially the lacey ruffled one. I am liking your tall blonde in the polka-dot blouse. Have not seen her here yet.

    Jackie ~ Yes, Stinky has been a blast and has re-introduced the joy of playing with dolls again! He’s so cute and everyone loves him. ~ I like the sandy beach photo. Just want to run up the beach, ha!

    Kate ~ I’m so glad you are enjoying Stinky’s adventures here. The picture of him with Mad Max and Catwoman is probably my favorite just because of how it turned out. I took one other, but didn’t like it near as well. This one would make a great screen saver. I have one more big ‘adventure’ in the planning phase. DH is even contributing ideas to this one. It may take me a while to get it all ready and will definitely be his last adventure here. DH suggested to have that adventure end here, but make it so it could be taken up with the next place he visits. Hmmmm. And thank you for letting me host him!! ~~ Lola Falana is someone I have completely forgotten about. Your re-creation of her costume is cool on FQ. The hose makes it complete. What fun a creative streak can be! :-)


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