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    Good Morning,

    Queli – Clawdeen is pretty – I like the purple streaks in her hair! It looks great with her dress, too. Your original Hallmark ornament is lovely – I can see why you started collecting them – and they keep coming out with more and more!

    Jackie – Pretty lilacs! We are in full lilac season here and I love the smell! I have a bouquet on my table right next to me and William keeps sniffing at it – he looks very dainty. Pretty brides – there are so many wedding gown possibilities and they are all so lovely (okay, there are probably some out there that aren’t so nice)!

    Shirls – I love how Stinky has taken to the open road! He is having a great time and I love seeing photos of his adventures! That shot of Mad Max, Catwoman and Stinky is just great – I keep going back to look at it! Love the shot of him as a lifeguard, too. I’m glad you like having him visit you – he is easy to place in a photo and has a great smile! I like that he brought some flowers to make up for being awol! Glad he had to do all those dishes and the laundry! I also love the photo of him with the PoIR and the nesting dolls!

    Waving to Marie and Fiona!

    Xxoo Kate
    Found a photo of Lola Falana from the late 1960s and attempted a similar outfit for FQBarbie.


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