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  • 09:56:15 pm on May 21, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!

    The Stinky adventure never ends. Remember he had gone missing this whole week? He made it ‘home’ today and let me tell you, he did not receive a very warm welcome especially when he began to tell about his latest adventure. (I’m sure his GF felt left out, but most of all, he didn’t tell anyone!

    Nice day today, but still a bit too warm and humid. The air is starting to ‘dry’ tonight and the temperature is going down for the start of a cooling period this week.

    Jackie ~ I always like the beach house back drop. The flamingo sunglasses are pretty cool. Did someone fix up a pair of Barbie glasses or did they come with perhaps a special edition Barbie? Just curious.

    Queli ~ Thanks! I have always liked looking at hallmark ornaments because of their realism in a tiny size. Over the years I bet I have missed some treasures! I like the doll in the photo. I have one that I picked up at the thrift store. I think she is so pretty. I call mine, “Nails”. ha! ~~ The two stocking hats are adorable on the little ones!
    So, when are you going to have Stinky as a guest? He is a handful, let me tell you!

    Waving to Kate, Marie, Fiona, and Marigene!


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