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  • 11:03:21 pm on May 20, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!!

    That Stinky! He has been gone this whole week and nobody knows where he went off to! Not even his mystery GF. Had to do a little investigating and noticed one of the choppers is missing……hmmmm.

    Had a busy week again. Today a storm blew through…high winds and dime size hail. Glad that didn’t last very long.

    Jackie ~ Stinky has been missed here too with his disappearing act! Ha! Cute Kellys on the boat. They take adorable pictures. Barbie makes a beautiful Capt. Nice boat, Jackie. ~~ Isn’t Farrah a looker! Mego made the dolls so….well…kinda ugly, ha! I have 2 Wonder Women by Mego. The Cher doll was a looker too. ~~ Barbies are having a fun day on the patio..I have always liked the little tent Barbie sits in. ~ Nice shirt and short set on Ken! ~ Jack Sparrow… :-)

    Kate ~ Stinky is a handful! ~ I still have my red-head Skipper from childhood. The more I see of the brunettes, the more I like them. I don’t have one of those. ~ Francie’s Pink Kitty dress is purrfect for her! ~ Malibu Ken looks good with his tan, dark hair, and beard. Bet you had fun :-) Thanks for the info on the BC discounts. Hair Fair will be another addition for me! She looked too much fun and I may just have to debox her….after a bit. Princess of So Africa is always so elegant.

    Queli ~ I can see why that particular Hallmark Orn. is a fave of yours! All the little details. Love the Skipper photo too. Such a peaceful back yard…cool tree and table/chair set. She’s watching the action going on inside, ha! ~~ I like the headless scene. The Barbies are making Headless Headmistress feel more at home. ~~ Love all the detail in your sewing room; like the basket and jar of buttons. Even a seam ripper. It must be to Barbie’s scale too! ~~ Cool nutcracker display for Barbie to hide in. ~~ Ooo I like the Skelitas!

    Fiona ~ Good to see you again! Thanks! ~~ It would be difficult to keep a straight face on stage when a prank has been pulled on you. Just may have to incorporate some sort of smirk or something, ha! ~~ It feels like summer around here already because of the heat. Next week we are supposed to have more seasonal temps. I don’t even know what the ‘normal’ temps should be since each year they raise the norms to fit the change.


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