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  • 05:06:14 pm on May 19, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    Fiona – I usually see mostly brunette Skippers on Ebay – I think Mattel made more of them than other colors. I had a redhead Skipper ages ago but her bangs would NOT go flat at all – they stuck straight out from her forehead no matter what I did – they would even push a hat off of her head – Lol!

    Queli – It took me a few moments to find Barbie in the Nutcracker display – she is well camouflaged! Love the little sewing set up! How cool are all the headless gals! I love that the Barbies quickly took off their heads to make the new gal feel welcome! I always liked that Hallmark Barbie house, too – they did a great job on it!

    Jackie – I spy the pink bear from Cleveland! I thought Mattel did a great job on that Jack Sparrow doll. It was really hot here yesterday (in the 90s) and is a bit cooler today and the wind has picked up a bit so that is nice – seems like we have jumped right into summer but I think it will get cooler again.

    Xxoo Kate


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