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  • 04:10:27 pm on May 17, 2017 | # | 0

     photo patiocampingparty002.jpg

    Hi Shirls..

    I am chuckling at Stinky and the gang camping out, fishing,
    and drinking beer. He does know how to party.

    Hi Kate… so the fan club is ending… sad.

    Almost as sad as when Barbie Bazaar stopped publishing.

    I haven’t joined in a long time, but I know lots of people who love it.

    Hi Queli..she is beautiful and very colorful.

    Hi Marigene… I hope Mom and baby are doing well. Do they live close enough to see often?
    I do wish my son lived closer to me.

    How are all the kittens? You have lots of babies to play with!!
     photo patiocampingparty005.jpg

    Hi Fiona… probably cooling down where you are since it is heating up here.

    Yesterday hit 90, today it is only 80 something.
    But the humidity is low so it isn’t too bad… yet.
    My car was hot when I got into it…. black interior.

    I am teaching myself how to make small bows with a fork.

    Need more practice!

    Have a great day.



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