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  • 08:51:15 pm on May 17, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…thanks!…nice outdoor scene. You covered all you bases with
    the tent and the food and the kayak…bows with a fork? I’ll have to
    look that up on youtube.

    Kate…thanks, I think Skelita is lovely. The artwork always looks a
    little scarier that the dolls. This is my third Skelita and there is also a
    skeleton doll…POSA and Skipper look very cute. Love POSA’s fashion.

    Shirls…thanks, and I agree, just when I think it’s safe to stop
    shopping for dolls, Mattel releases one I find irresistible…man, Stinky
    is having a fabulous time! Love that camping scene with all the details
    like Max’s knife in his boot :-) Stinky is in his element :-)

    Scaris Skelita

    Skelita and the Create-a-monster skeleton


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