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  • 11:35:29 am on May 17, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – When I called the BCC telephone number, the woman told me that there would be no 2017 membership but 2016 members could get $30 off an order of $100 and $15 (?) off an order of $50 but I think that is a one time deal for the entire year. Plus they were having free shipping on most orders but I don’t know how long that offer will last.
    Stinky has always loved camping and loves hanging out with the guys – no surprise he got a tent all to himself. I love the bandana on his head! Remember when he won all that money playing poker at Marie’s house?

    Queli – I love the Skelita Calaveras! It is interesting to see that the illustration on the back has more obvious skull markings than the actual doll – I wonder if Mattel was worried about scaring children? I know Mattel has made a few of the Calaveras dolls – or were some of them just skeletons? I love her dress – it looks like the paper hangings for DotD celebrations.

    Xxoo Kate


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