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  • 08:55:39 pm on May 16, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls,
    It is much too hot already for this time of year. I looked at last year’s temps for this date and we had 60′s for the high and upper 40′s for the low. We are running 89* with lows in the upper 60′s. Like Jackie says that can only mean a long, hot summer :-(

    Kate ~ Well, Stinky does have a lot of ideas and have not been able to work on any of them for the past few days, ha! I’ll let you know what Stinky’s plans are. It would make sense just to mail him straight from here to Jackie. We’ll see. ~~ Ahh, I would love to get Hair Fair and probably should act fast. The discount you speak of, is that the shipping discount or something else? I’m guessing there will not be a 2017 membership even though both times I have contacted customer service the response seemed to indicate they were working on it. Well, it is mid-May……~~~ WW looks fine in the basic black outfit!

    Jackie ~ Thanks for re-posting Hair Fair pic. I would like to get her. ~~ I don’t think Lilacs grow too well here either. I don’t see very many. Arbor Day foundation did send me a lilac (slip) to start, which I did. Once it got big enough to plant, it only lasted 2 years and died. I was very disappointed. I think they like cold winters. ~~ My fingers are crossed that we don’t have extreme heat this summer…this right now is bad enough. The humidity keeps climbing too. ~~ DaVinci is neat…he looks like an old time Captain of a ship or something like that. ha!


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