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  • 09:35:33 pm on May 15, 2017 | # | 0

    Hi Girls!
    It is heating up down here!! Too early for such temps. 91* predicted for tomorrow. I’ll take the cooler temps any day. The sun is so intense; even in the morning and can put a ‘wilt’ on plants in no time.

    It has been a blast having Stinky. There is so much more he wants to do and some of the girls have ideas too. We may not be able to accomplish all that, but will give it good try.

    Queli ~ I had to check out the hair fair Barbie and she looks fabulous. I do wish they would include an ‘actual’ photo of the doll and her box. I’m glad Jackie posted a pic of her from GAW. ~~ Thank you and I’m glad you are enjoying Stinky’s trip adventures! There’s more coming :-) ~~ Barbie and teen Skipper look wonderful in their hats and jackets! The Barbie is a beauty! I really liked the dolls that year. I forgot to mention earlier that I like the little blonde spike hair boy with motorcycle t-shirt! He is a cutie!

    Marigene ~ Congrats on being a great- grandmom. 4 days of induction! ~~ Dolls are beautiful and so are the outfits! Love the Stacies! ~~ Lilacs always make a room smell so good!

    Kate ~~ I am having a fun time with Stinky and thank you so much for letting him come to visit! ~~ Gold n’ Glamour is one of my favorites! ~ I also hope you had a good weekend.

    Jackie ~ All this cyber attacks are scary! ~~ The purple dress does look great on the ballerina and maybe better on her? Red head Silkie looks good in what she is wearing also! ~~ You go! on Trivia night! :-)


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