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  • 07:52:44 pm on May 15, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    You can pre-order the Hair Fair Barbie on the BFC.

    Marigene…sounds like you’re having some interesting weather…lovely
    photos. I especially like the redheads with the same fashion.

    Kate…you’re welcome :-) …I love HRH. My girls have gone a little
    crazy over him…I’m really enjoying Stinky’s adventures at Shirls
    …your Barbie is so pretty and I love the fabric on the shirt.

    Jackie…LOVE Ken in his kilt! Congrats on getting that redhead.
    Everybody loves a redhead…yes, big scare. Hackers can hold us
    hostage because we can’t live without computers  …great Mother’s
    Day photo. The leaf chairs are fab!…that is the 2003 Tommy as Ivan
    the Porcupine from Swan Lake.

    Shirls…Stinky looks smashing in his tux. The bouquet of flowers was a
    great touch…thanks for all the wonderful photos of Stinky’s great
    adventure. You have a wonderful and very fertile imagination. Loved
    the photos of Stinky at the salon.

    From the archives…I looked high and low for these photos. Barbie is
    wearing a Hallmark ornament. When the white felt hat was released in
    2011 I bought a ton of them to give away. Everybody loved it. It only
    has 3 pieces. It would be really easy to make some in different colors.
    I commissioned the jacket and hat that Teen Skipper is wearing for
    Riley Kish.

    Then Hallmark released this red hat in 2012. It’s made of resin. I was
    hoping that they would release one per year but they only made these
    two :-(

    Art can turn something utilitarian and pedestrian into something pretty.


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