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A list of Smilies for the Chat         

  • 01:38:00 pm on May 13, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello there everyone! Happy Satruday…

    Jackie…I’ve always liked that little blonde guy with the buzz cut. He’s
    got such a cute expression on his face.

    Shirls…okay, so Stinky’s great adventure has begun :-) I like how he’s
    getting a lay of the land. He’s going high, he’s going low, he’s leaving
    no stone unturned…thanks! No, HRH’s fashion is not removable in
    theory but I’m sure some people will manage to take it off.

    I redressed two of my dolls. Petite is wearing the second doll’s clothes
    and the second one is wearing a Herve Leger fashion and bag.


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