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    Good Morning,

    Queli – Those MMMQs are fabulous! I love this new party set – that little clown is too cute! When you were posting over on ITP, could you post more than one photo in a post? I have tried and can only post one photo at a time – so I can’t post a story – just a single photo.

    Shirls – Poor feral kitties – it is hard to see them and I can understand why the guy is feeding them but it would probably be better for everyone (including the cats) if he captured them and brought them to the humane society. Our local humane society has a program that places feral cats with farmers – the cats live in the barns and catch all the mice and don’t come near the humans – it has been very successful with a 100% placement – the farmers really like it and the cats seem to like it as well since they aren’t cooped up in a cage and scared. I love the shot of Stinky recuperating from his voyage – I made a copy and have it as my desktop photo!

    Xxoo Kate
    Meeting a vintage bear…

    I got her at an antique mall over on the coast. She had a tag that said she was made in Japan in the 1950s and her little scarf is glued on.


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