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A list of Smilies for the Chat         

  • 03:05:34 pm on May 10, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    Queli – That Hallmark Silkie is fabulous! Those kites are pretty cool, too. I like the tall guy on stilts! Glad you finally got that one doll you were looking for!

    Jackie – Great beach scenes! I think we will enjoy Stinky’s visit at Shirl’s house! Your Irish dolls are lovely!

    Shirls – Glad Stinky arrived safely! I think he will be excited to see Mad Max! Poor Rootie! Hope she feels better soon and I hope you can find something to help her with her allergies! That outfit FQBarbie is wearing (May 2nd) is from a Lucy/Barbie doll – Lucy Gets a Paris Gown set.

    Xxoo Kate


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