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A list of Smilies for the Chat         

  • 07:57:36 pm on May 8, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello ladies…

    Jackie…I hope you got all your stuff done…Mattel has made some of
    the best Irish Barbies ever!

    Shirls…Oh yeah, everyone in your dollhouse is up in arms about
    Stinky’s arrival!…so the small fairies can be little stinkers? It just
    seems like the smaller something is the feistier is gets…I don’t know
    why I didn’t buy that Scottish Barbie. She’s great!…Cleo is a beautiful
    doll…hmmm, seems like you got a lot done at home…I’ll keep my
    fingers crossed that you find a Leather and Ruffles Fashionista that
    you like…Stinky’s up for some mischief, the little green monster is up
    for some mischief so let the mischief begin :-)

    Let’s go fly a kite…

    Painting a craft


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