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  • 03:51:23 pm on May 7, 2017 | # | 0

    Happy Sunday…

    Hi Queli…I think that Javier said he worked on the Monster High dolls.
    I know how much you are in love with them.
    We will see if Javier gets to come to National. I don’t know how they decide who gets to come. Right now Bill is the main one since Robert
    got a promotion.

    Love the polka dot top on her too.

    What a fun doggy and his bag.

    Hi Shirls… looking forward to what Stinky gets to do at your house.

    He does inspire some interesting things.

    Hi Marigene… love baby kittens. Are these from the one you didn’t get spayed soon enough?
    I am glad you have found homes for them…..although I know
    you would keep them if you didn’t.

    Hi Fiona…beautiful day here today. sunny and in the 70s.

    Our golf tournament ends today. I am sure all the golfers will be
    sad to see it end.
    I will be happy to see traffic back to normal.

    Hi Kate… I am sure we will be having fun seeing what Stinky
    does at Shirls’s house. He is so much fun to host.

    I hope we can entice Marie to return.
    How is her Mom doing?

     photo GAW2017 247_zpsna9lwpfe.jpg

    Have a great day.



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