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  • 10:53:31 am on May 6, 2017 | # | 0

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    Happy Saturday!

    Hi Shirls… you have a treat in store for you when Stinky arrives!
    He is really fun to have for a visitor.
    I am sad that Marie isn’t planning to have him visit her.
    Miss her!

    We had a lot of rain here yesterday. Now it is dry, but only 69 degrees for a high. And very damp.

    I hope we don’t get more rain for a while. Lots of places need a chance to dry out again.
     photo GAW2017 352_zpsbw1da1j1.jpg

    this was a great peanut butter and chocolate mousse…. and we got a scotty dog cookie cutter.

    Hi Marigene… love seeing your lilacs again. I am sure all your
    friends will enjoy sharing them. I was disappointed that the lilacs weren’t out yet when I was in Michigan.
    They had just started and the smell wasn’t there yet.

    they don’t grow here in the red clay.

    Hi Queli…love the polka dot top.

    I have had peanuts many places, but can’t remember
    having pop corn as an appetizer.

    Both can cause problems for little kids.
    Some are allergic to peanuts and the pop corn
    can get stuck in their throat.

    Hi Kate… I just know Shirls will have a great time having Stinky
    there for a visit. He is charming to all.

    I think he should come here the second week of August for a couple of weeks. So far my August calendar is pretty open.

    Hi Fiona… do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?
    Our news people were joking about how we celebrate it here and
    they don’t in Mexico.
    Mostly it has become a reason to go to the local Mexican restaurant
    and have Margaritas.
    Just like St. Patrick’s Day is for drinking green beer in the Irish Pubs.

    Just a fun time with friends.

    Barbie likes to have parties on those days!!

    I hope you are all having a great weekend.



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