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  • 11:54:32 am on May 5, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Stinky is winging his way to Shirls! He has been invited to stay for a month so I hope he behaves himself when he is there – he should arrive in a few days.

    Marigene – Your lilacs are divine! We have had a cold, wet spring as well so we probably won’t get as many lilacs either but even one would be really great! Sweet new baby kittens! I’m glad they all have homes waiting for them. We have been having light thunderstorms too – plus lots of pouring rain – today it is just really overcast.

    Queli – I can’t believe how small the Superman and WW ornaments are – great for Skipper/Kelly scenes! Vina/Barbie looks great in the hot pink. I have never had popcorn as an appetizer – what a great idea – although I would probably eat too much! Great new fashions from WalMart – the dolls look like they really like them as well! Your new dolls are just great – I love the blue floaty-scarfy outfit – both of those outfits look great on vintage Barbies, too. Thank you for the Hallmark link, too!

    Jackie – It looks like all the plaid/tartans were to proper 1/6th scale and they all look great! That paper challenge is really cool – I made a tin foil dress for Barbie ages ago – I used the Let’s Dance pattern and just pressed it onto Barbie’s body. Stinky got the scraps to make a sort of toga for himself! How cool that you got to sit with Paul Bruce! I see him posting on Facebook all the time – so creative with the sewing!

    Fiona – I’m planning to get that Hair Fair repro Barbie when she comes out (right now it is supposed to be in late August) – I sure hope Mattel doesn’t change her outfit or wigs – that happened with the repro Julia doll – she was supposed to come with her original nurse outfit plus one of her other outfits but Mattel decided to just have her in the nurse outfit and no extras.

    Xxoo Kate


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