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  • 06:58:21 pm on May 4, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…wow, you sat with Paul? He is such a great guy and very
    talented too!…so #34 is made out of paper towels?! So where was I
    when all this talent was handed out?!…man, all those dolls are
    wonderful, thanks for all the great photos!…thanks, I really like my
    new dolls :-)

    Fiona…thanks!…it’s always good seeing you…a friend of mine just
    came back from Spain and showed me a photo she took of some trees
    which she thought had an unusual shape and because of the photos
    you posted I was able to ID them as bottle trees :-) so thanks for
    making me look good!

    I went to a restaurant that gave us popcorn as an appetizer. That was a
    first for me!

    I think bright green and hot pink are a great combo!

    Found these fashions at Walmart.

    More Hallmark…WW (1.7″), Superman (1.9″)…that’s a lot of detail for
    something so small.


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