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  • 11:38:59 am on May 3, 2017 | # | 0

    Good morning…

     photo GAW2017 384_zpsaqfiqcrx.jpg

    Hi Queli… glad you are having fun with Vina.

    the new Hallmark ornaments should be fun. I love going in and looking them over…. although you NEED lots more time than I do…
    ha ha

     photo GAW2017 383_zpsj8ktknyy.jpg

    Hi Kate… isn’t she gorgeous? I love the redheads, but didn’t buy her… now I have her plus her original dress and this lovely dress too.

     photo GAW2017 381_zpswb1hgqis.jpg

    I haven’t played with her yet.

     photo GAW2017 378_zpsjjkyyimc.jpg

    Hi Marigene…

    this is Bill Greening with the Totally Hair repro… he had a drawing to give 3 of them away… signed by Carol Spencer.
     photo GAW2017 377_zps15jekpfb.jpg

    plus the hair fair repro… which was not given away… it hasn’t been released yet.

     photo GAW2017 374_zpsaak5twgg.jpg

    Hi Fiona… standing behind Bill is Javier… a new designer.
    He was at his very first convention and told us about what he has been working on. It is so much fun when they send someone from Mattel to GAW. It is the perfect place to introduce them.

    He did the curvy dolls.
     photo GAW2017 371_zpsm00bjmnl.jpg

    The new guy doll is from the forest theme… he was also drawn in the raffle… I did not win any of them… but I was sitting at the table closest to the stage… so great photos… although we all know
    Queli takes MUCh better photos…
     photo GAW2017 358_zps9hs4heni.jpg

     photo GAW2017 356_zpsn0pcquvp.jpg

    Another wonderful day here.
    You may know the golf tournament is in Wilmington this week.
    You can see it on the t.v. if you are interested. OUr local news people
    are very excited!
    I have been to lots of golf tournaments, but I can’t walk that far
    now so will just watch it on t.v.
    It is supposed to rain on Thursday.. we are hoping that it will
    stop raining by the time the golfers are out playing.

    Have a great day.



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