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  • 09:20:18 am on May 2, 2017 | # | 0

     photo GAW2017 298_zpswbicxm2q.jpg

    Sometimes Photobucket is exhausting! It is letting me load photos
    one at a time!
     photo GAW2017 253_zpskiadrlzv.jpg

    Hi Shirls…love a bride standing with cookies and cake!
     photo GAW2017 494_zpsj8ei5d2c.jpg

    I was at the beach at sunset… as the sky changed, so did the water.
    It was also at high tide.

     photo sister trip april 2017 011_zpsqc2db49k.jpg

    As we sat on the pier, this man came lugging this fish into the hut to get it weighed.

     photo sister trip april 2017 010_zpsoxej9ucs.jpg

    it was this 40 pound mackeral…. what a great fish!

     photo sister trip april 2017 007_zpskgbzzweo.jpg

    Perfect day at Kure Beach.

    Hi Queli…the Rock reminds me of the Stretch Armstrong dolls from years ago.

    I do love She Ra!

    Hi Marigene

    Hi Kate

    Hi Fiona

    our group is getting smaller… sigh!



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