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    Hello ladies…

    Kate…you’re welcome…thanks! I love Vina. I know what you mean
    about the hair. I didn’t want to reroot her or cut her hair so I braided
    it and piled it on top. The fashion she’s wearing comes with a violin so
    I guess she’s a musician :-) I thought it was interesting that her hands
    were soft plastic and that her nails were painted. I really liked that little
    detail…I posted a link to the online Hallmark dreambook below so
    everyone could take a look. There are so many cute things to see…FQ
    looks great in her Parisian fashion.

    Jackie…that hammer toss gone wrong is a hoot!…love #47′s look
    especially the hat…the beach looks lovely. Is it warm enough to
    swim?…I bet that fisherman was as happy as a clam with his BIG
    catch…Stretch Armstrong is at Target in the retro section. Have you
    seen him?

    Shirls…I’m glad Hallmark’s back in the game too!…I like that WW doll
    too. If I buy her I’ll put her on a MTM body…my girls are all excited
    that Clawdeen is coming and they have an outfit all ready for her :-)
    …I’m with you. Those warrior Barbies are fab! You know, I honestly
    think Mattel is trying to bankrupt me!…thanks! I didn’t quite know
    what to do with Vina’s hair but I liked the way it turned out…that’s a
    very pretty bridal gown. Did you make it?…wow, you have a bunch of
    Bild Lilis. I’ve always liked that doll because if it hadn’t been for her
    Barbie might has looked different…glad your eyes are feeling better.

    Vina acting goofy. Gotta love that rubber chicken. Those items are
    from the Wellie Wishers.

    LA Girl got the purple MTM body. Now she can twist herself into a
    pretzel :-)

    More Hallmark ornaments


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